MUd: Myst Uru Dæmon

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What is MUd?

MUd was concieved in late 2008 under a different name to be a fan created Myst Online: Uru Live server, much like ALCUGS was when the original Uru Live closed down in 2004. Since then, MUd has been completely rewritten twice and is no longer solely a server for Myst Online: Uru Live. Now, MUd is a fairly friendly tool set for communicating with Myst Online: Uru Live servers. Despite the change in goals, the server portion is still being developed and the name MUd was retained because Hoikas enjoys talking about how much his hogs play in the MUd.

Does Cyan approve of MUd?

I do not know if Cyan approves of or is even aware of MUd. If you prefer to use "Cyan Sanctioned" programs, you may want to think twice about using anything offered here.

Last Update: April 1, 2010
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