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What is WhoM?

WhoM is a multishard capable "UU Locator" style Who's Online program for Myst Online: Uru Live. It allows you to login to a Myst Online: Uru Live server and see the online status of your buddies, neighbors, and recent list in real time. WhoM will notify you when a buddy or a neighbor logs into the game, so you can easily go in when your friends are in cavern. It also allows you to add or remove buddies, clear your recents list, view KI Mail, and spy on people if you're into being creepy.

Does Cyan approve of WhoM?

I do not know if Cyan approves of WhoM; I have not contacted them about it. If you only want to use "Cyan Approved" tools, think twice about using WhoM!


Important Notice!

WhoM Builds from before May 8, 2010 will not function correctly due to changes Cyan made to the MOULa Servers.

Final Releases

Beta Releases

Note: These releases are not "stable". You may experience issues while using them!

Last Update: November 18, 2010
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